International College of Management, Sydney
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International College of Management, Sydney

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is a leading hospitality management school, teaching a balance of management and practical learning within a culture of training and entrepreneurialism. The college has over 16 years’ experience preparing the future leaders of the hospitality industry, with graduates working in some of the worlds’ top hotels and resorts.

ICMS offers smaller class sizes than most universities, so students receive a more personal learning experience.  Students also have the opportunity to study alongside peers from more than 40 different countries, making cross-cultural experience a part of everyday learning.

All hospitality management degrees offered at ICMS combine practical ‘real world’ classes with a strong academic foundation, which is why each degree includes a nine-month industry placement. This placement is a structured supervised part of the curriculum and ensures ICMS hospitality students emerge with a competitive edge over other graduates.

It would be difficult to find a campus anywhere in the world with a more spectacular setting than ICMS.  The campus is just a five-minute walk to Manly Beach, offering students a good study and life balance during their time at the College.

In addition to its hospitality- and tourism-related programs, ICMS also offers coursework in Property Services Management, Business Management, Sports Management and Retail Marketing. Dual degrees are readily accommodated.

These are the main hospitality programmes offered at ICMS:

International Tourism
ICMS is a regular recipient of the NSW Tourism Award for “Excellence in Tourism Education”. Graduates are equipped for careers in tour operation, airline marketing, convention organisation, travel consulting and more.


Pic: ICMS library.

Hospitality Management
This programme includes a crucial nine-month industry placement. In class, the coursework covers service management, facilities management, hospitality operations and business communication. Career opportunities span the hospitality industry.

Event Management
Event managers work behind the scenes of conferences, seminars, trade expos and a host of other events. This is burgeoning international field, and ICMS equips students the staging, production, software and copywriting skills needed to organise world-class events.


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