Central Washington University
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Central Washington University

Central Washington University in the northwest United States combines hands-on learning and world-class research to produce internationally leading science programs. Classes are small – alarmingly so for a US public university. Cavernous lecture halls are not part of the student experience here. In fact, the average class holds a mere 25 students.

CWU has a strong commitment to learning outside of the classroom, as well. Even at the undergraduate level, students have opportunities to conduct, present and publish research – and not just as an exercise. Undergraduates are routinely cited as coauthors of published research. For students from Asia and abroad, this is an ideal place to hone academic skills and build research credit in the sciences.

College of the Sciences
The College of the Sciences offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with a host of supplementary minor degree programs. Class sizes are small; instruction is highly personalized; and students work closely with faculty on research projects.

Through the Science Honors Research Program, undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in high-level research projects. The program culminates in a written thesis, which students are encouraged to submit to major scientific journals. This places undergraduates on an accelerated track to graduate school or a successful career in science.


Pic: Robotics tournament at CWU.

The college is comprised of 13 academic departments exploring the natural, behavioral, social and computational sciences:

Student life
CWU campus is located in Ellensburg, an historic town in the heart of Washington State east of Mt Rainier National Park, roughly 90 minutes’ drive west of Seattle, with its world-class arts, entertainment and dining scenes. Ellensburg is in the middle of America’s most impressive outdoor theaters. The Stuart Mountains and ski slopes of Mission Ride lie to the north, with the Yakima River Canyon to the south. The latter is famous for angling, cattle driving and marathons. This is the quintessential American Northwest.


Pic: CWU commencement ceremony.

On campus, the US$58 million Student Union and Recreation Center opened a few years ago. Facilities include a full-sized rock-climbing wall and complete sport and fitness centers. It also hosts an outdoor recreation office that rents out myriad outdoor sporting equipment – snowshoes, ice axes and river rafts. Students are never short of things to do in this part of the country.


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