Brookes School of Architecture to hold a second International Summer School in Supino
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Brookes School of Architecture to hold a second International Summer School in Supino

Following the success of last year’s International Summer School project, the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University is collaborating with the Architects Association, Italy and the Department of Architecture at Girne American University, Cyprus to investigate the role the small town of Supino in Italy can or cannot play within the global context.

The aim of this second Summer School is to follow and build on the research and emerging concepts that were developed last year. Last year’s research, also about Supino, involved speculative design interventions and a series of social mapping. Within the context of the current capitalist crisis, this year’s group will further explore specific architectural and urban potentials of small towns which exist on the periphery of a major European historical city.

Successful applicants will form into three small teams and will be asked to address a specific theme under the title of contested space. The three themes include; traces and signatures, wrapping and breathing and cultural identity. Students will then look at how architectural and urban forms and spaces are able to respond.

During the 7-day workshop, students will be paying particular attention on fieldwork research, mapping techniques, design testing, representation methods and close participation with the local community. The final outcomes will be a small exhibition of Summer School work to be held locally in Supino, along with an online pdf publication about the workshop. At the end of the workshop each participant will have a body of research and design work plus a collective online publication from the Summer School to include in their portfolio when applying for architectural jobs or postgraduate courses.

For more information about the Summer School visit or email Yara Shariff on or Nasser Golzari on who will be leading the Summer School.