Abertay University
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Abertay University

Based in Dundee, Scotland, Abertay University is a hub of science- and technology-based ‘knowledge industries’ with particular strengths in creative digital media and the life sciences. Affordability and recognition as one of the best modern universities in Scotland make this a top choice for international students.

Abertay University is on the leading edge of science and technology studies. Students enjoy access to cutting edge facilities, including a purpose-built student centre and state of the art library that’s fully wired into the digital age. In fact, the university ranks as one of the leading UK universities in terms of IT investment.

Abertay University has been a consistent trend-setter for the past decade. In 2006, the university unveiled the world’s first Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures programme, a visionary move to embrace the strategies and technology that hackers use and subvert them for positive action. A few years later, Abertay became the first university designated as a national centre for excellence in computer games education.

A range of science-based degrees are available across three major schools:

School of Engineering, Computing and Applied Mathematics (SECAM)
This school offers a range of fully modern courses, research and consultancy services on the leading edge of technology.

School of Contemporary Sciences (SCS)
The SCS provides an overarching sampling of in-depth science degrees – everything from Biotechnology to Forensic Science – with an underlying commitment to unified knowledge.

School of Social & Health Sciences (SHS)
Faculty in this school design and deliver innovative programmes that centre on the sciences while focusing on 21st-century employability. Courses in nursing, psychology, sociology and sport sciences are available.

Research at Abertay University
Specialist centres operated by Abertay conduct cutting-edge research and place postgraduate students on the forefront of international scientific endeavours. The university has a particularly strong reputation in environmental researching, much of which is carried out through the following centres:

Scottish Informatics, Mathematics, Biology and Statistics Centre (SIMBIOS)
SIMBIOS carries out soil ecosystems research and contributes to a nano-scopic understanding of the macroscopic effects that agriculture, industry and development inflict on soil systems.

Urban Water Technology Centre (UWTC)
Research aims at developing more sustainable drainage technology systems to reduce damage caused by storm water flows.


Pic: Abertay University.

Sustainable Assessment, Visualisation & Enhancement (SAVE)
This research group is the product of an alliance between SIMBIOS and UWTC, and it strives to develop tools that help decision-making bodies conceptualise complex problems and arrive at more effective solutions.

Evolutionary and Biological Approaches to Behaviour (EBAB)
This centre takes a naturalistic approach to the study of behaviour, both in humans and other animals.

Sports Consortium
The Sport, Performance and Exercise Consortium explores the use and impact of sport and exercise.


Download Abertay’s course finder app for Apple or Android, and connect to learn more about its science programmes via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.