9 Reasons to Visit Le Cordon Bleu for Doors Open Ottawa
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9 Reasons to Visit Le Cordon Bleu for Doors Open Ottawa

SATURDAY JUNE 1st, 2013 | 10am-3pm | Wheelchair accessible, parking available, bus service available.

We invite you to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. Come experience the passion, refinement, traditions, and warm hospitality that makes Le Cordon Bleu famous all over the world!

Celebrating our 25 Year Anniversary

Ottawa is home to the North American headquarters of the world’s largest and most famous culinary educator. Proudly located in the city of Ottawa for 25 years, we open our doors to celebrate with you!

Tour the World-Famous Culinary School

The unrivalled Le Cordon Bleu teaching methodology combines demonstrations followed by hands-on practical classes in professionally equipped kitchens, focusing on classic French technique. Enjoy a VIP tour through the facilities that play host to the brightest and most driven culinary students from 77 countries worldwide.

30 Cakes

Chef Hervé Chabert, Pâtisserie Instructor and twice chosen for the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie, with the assistance of several students will be creating 30 cakes for visitors to sample. Prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth and passion for true French pâtisserie!

Witness a Class in Action

Watching a true master do his work is a rare thrill. Observe as Chef Frédéric Rose leads a class of Gourmet Short Course participants through the experience of hands-on cooking.

Family and Children Are Welcome

Do you have a budding chef at home? Kids and teens will enjoy walking through a professional kitchen, meeting our charismatic chefs and students, and tasting the samples! And perhaps dreams of a future career will be born!

Sugar Demonstration

Let our Superior Pâtisserie students show you their advanced skills by demonstrating the fragile beauty of dramatic sugar showpieces. You will have a chance to observe how, with patience and extraordinary skill, sugar is turned into a world-renowned art form. Another example of the fantastic programs, education and leadership that Le Cordon Bleu offers.

Historic site

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa occupies Munross, a heritage home built in 1877. Come and see the splendour of this beautiful building, restored and cherished as the home to our school, events, and popular Le Cordon Bleu Bistro at Signatures restaurant.

Spacious Patio

Ottawa residents love patios of all kinds and soaking in those hard-earned summer rays. We invite you to take a break from the day and enjoy some sun and refreshments with us!


Executive Chef Yannick Anton of Signatures Bistro will be serving up something special as well (and will not tell us what it is). Come see and taste the specially-created treat from this world-renowned Chef!

Doors Open Ottawa is a free event which celebrates the community’s heritage, allowing access to functionally, culturally, and historically significant buildings.LE CORDON BLEU OTTAWA CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE 453 Laurier Avenue East Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6R4, Canada For enquiries, email us at ottawa@cordonbleu.edu or give us a call at (613) 755-2386.


9 Reasons to Visit Le Cordon Bleu for Doors Open Ottawa