Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers mulls action against filmmaker
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Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers mulls action against filmmaker

Channel NewsAsia has reported that the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) are considering whether to take action against documentary filmmaker Lynn Lee after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) found that allegations made by ex-SMRT bus drivers in interviews she carried out were baseless.

He Jun Ling and Liu Xiang Ying had granted interviews to Lee after they had been charged for inciting bus strikes in late 2012 that saw over 100 SMRT bus drivers from China refusing to go to work.

In the interviews, they alleged that they had been beaten and threatened by their interrogators. Lee then posted their allegations on her blog, saying that they were “serious allegations” that had to be “addressed urgently”.

The videos sparked an investigation led by the Internal Affairs Office (IAO) of the Singapore Police Force. Lee herself spent hours at police headquarters, had her hard drive seized, her laptop taken apart and her phone records sifted through.

The MHA released a statement on Saturday saying that He and Liu’s allegations were “baseless”, saying that, prior to the video, they had not raised any complaints about police abuse “despite having had ample opportunities to do so”. The statement also said that He and Liu had later retracted their allegations, although He maintained that they were true.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said, “We take allegations of Police abuse very seriously, especially when they are formally lodged, and investigate them thoroughly. Where there is wrong doing, the officers will be dealt with. … The investigations have vindicated the officers in this case and protected their reputations.”

In its article, regional news network Channel NewsAsia wrote:

Separately, the Attorney-General’s Chambers said it is considering whether to take action against the producer of the online video, Lee Seng Lynn, which contains the allegations made by the two ex-SMRT bus drivers.

Lee has since published a short blog post responding to the results of the investigation. With regard to the AGC’s considerations, she wrote,

…some friends have alerted me to a CNA report stating that the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) is considering taking action against me for releasing the videos in which the allegations were made. If they do so, I have no doubt all the issues raised above [in her blog post] will be fully and openly addressed and that He and Liu will be brought back to Singapore to be witnesses. In the meantime, I have written to the AGC to seek clarification on the report.