Queen’s University Belfast, School of Law
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Queen’s University Belfast, School of Law

Queen’s University Belfast School of Law has been teaching law in Northern Ireland for more 165 years. The school is a top performer and ranked in the top ten in the UK during the most recent research assessment exercise (RAE). According to RAE findings, 95 per cent of the research carried out here is at or above international quality. In short, this is a school that works well ahead of the competition. 

Many graduates of the School of Law go on to legal careers. However, the majority following a broader interdisciplinary career path, one that spans a variety of sectors. To this end, the administration and staff work to create opportunities for students to gain a broad understanding of the way that law applies to and works within society. This is, in so many words, a liberal law education.

From an international student’s perspective, this is a law school that deserves top consideration. Graduates go on to a community of highly esteemed alumni that includes senior members of the legal profession, judges, politicians, well-read scholars, members of the media and Nobel Prize Laureates.

At the undergraduate level, more than 1,000 students are currently enrolled at the School of Law. Another 150 are studying at the postgraduate or PhD levels. Given the interdisciplinary approach the school takes to the study of law, some of the degree offerings draw on two or more fields of study:

JD (Juris Doctor)
The programme delivers a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD) to graduates from a discipline other than Law and provides the necessary professional exemptions to allow holders to apply for the professional stage in England and Wales, North America and elsewhere. The programme aims to provide students with a world-class legal education, which prepares them for the global and international environment in which they will provide legal advice.

LLB Single Honours
The LLB Single Honours degree can be completed in three years of full-time study and is suitable for those wishing to become a barrister or solicitor. Most of the undergraduate students at the School of Law are enrolled in this programme.


Pic: Graduation at Queen's University Belfast.

LLB Law with Languages
During this course, students are able to cover all of the core modules required to pursue a law degree, but this is interspersed with language instruction in either French or Spanish. This is a four-year full-time programme that includes one year of study at an approved school of law in either France or Spain.

LLB Law with Politics
Roughly two-thirds of this course is strictly law-based, with the remaining third focusing on politics. In the process, students can elect to take all of the core courses required to qualify for a law degree; however, many aspire to work in journalism, civil service or public administration.


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