Business School in Virginia
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Business School in Virginia

Why you should choose a Business School in Virginia

By Keegan Cassady, MBA candidate May 2013

As a Virginian myself, there are many things I enjoy about higher education in Virginia.  I attended William and Mary for my undergraduate degree, and George Mason for my business degree.  I liked William and Mary for its distance – just far enough away to be independent, just close enough to do laundry runs – and I enjoy Mason for its proximity.  Half an hour by free shuttle to the Vienna metro, Mason is a cheap hour from Washington DC, and by car, half that.  It is accessible to the entire Northern Virginia area, which makes its proximity to contacts and connections incredibly immediate.

I would love to espouse Virginian values, way of life, culture, driving skills… but really, if you live here, you really cannot beat the discount afforded by our higher education facilities.  As a student paying my way through with student loans and odd jobs, I found this aspect of the program vital.  I also love the environment in which we learn business.  Virginia has a plethora of business opportunities available for any aspiring entrepreneur – from nearby tech giants, to government contracting in all its leviathan forms, to real estate to arts to dining.

Virginia is one of those wonderful states that offers the best of many worlds.  A stone’s throw from urban DC lie the burgeoning mid-rises of suburban Northern Virginia, containing such culturally popping locales as Falls Church and Arlington, with comfortable, quieter locales like Alexandria, Vienna, and McLean.  It’s a great location to be young, and a better place to be with family.  There are diversions of all manner, and opportunities of all stripes.

George Mason itself is located just outside of the great old city of Fairfax, the namesake city of one of the most affluent counties in the United States.  This college boasts that Innovation is Tradition, which of course means that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The campus is constantly in a state of progression, building new monuments to education and becoming every inch a miniature city with every passing year.  Students young and old flock to this campus.

What really makes Virginia a great place for business is its people:  everyone here wants to work.  Some work for causes, some work for money, some labor for love and some labor to be with the ones they love.  But Virginians are not an idle people.  From Reston to Winchester, from Williamsburg to Mclean, Virginians live and work in a community bolstered by cheer and drive.  Ambition mingles with empathy on a daily basis and encourages the kind of helpful, hearty business that makes up the American legend.

For the place, for the price, for the people, you should really choose a Business School in Virginia, and for that matter, choose George Mason.


Business School in Virginia