Thai military accused of trafficking, shooting Rohingya
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Thai military accused of trafficking, shooting Rohingya

For the background of previous accusations levelled at the Thai military including one from last month of removing an engine from a boat resulting in the deaths of 97 people see this post.

ABC (Australia) from a few days ago:

The Thai military has been accused of shooting Rohingya asylum seekers fleeing conflict in western Burma.

People who were on the boat have told the ABC that they jumped into the water and swam when Thai authorities began towing it out into international waters.

It is claimed Thai soldiers then fired shots.

The military has denied shooting the asylum seekers, but Thai villagers say they later retrieved two bodies from the water, one with a gunshot wound to the head.

BP: Unsurprisingly, the military has denied this, but that is the norm.

Now, in a new ABC report:

There are mounting allegations the Thai military is trading Rohingya refugees from Western Burma to human traffickers.

A man in hiding, who agreed to speak to the ABC, maintains that the Thai navy intercepted the boat he was on and then facilitated a handover to a broker.

He says the navy directed the boat to land at Ranong on the Thai coast where it was met by a human trafficker who ‘bought’ the human cargo.

He explains he was beaten when he tried to escape.

“I was punched and my hands were tied up,” he continued. “They burnt me on the back.”

While his friends and family raised more than $1,000 to pay the broker for his freedom, he says dozens more remain in the camp.

“They said why don’t you give us money, we bought you, why did you try to escape?”

A recent military investigation found no Thai officers were involved in human trafficking.

BP: When asked about mistreatment of Rohingya by Zoe Daniel of ABC at the FCCT last night, Yingluck stated that the government doesn’t encourage violence and will investigate – see Saksith’s tweet here. Although, exactly who is going to investigate? An internal military investigation? DSI?

P.S. More posts on the election aftermath and polling to come as time permits.