New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
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New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Founded in the late 19th century, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (often referred to as ‘New Mexico Tech’) is a leading centre of science, engineering and technology studies. Internationally acclaimed and surprisingly affordable, this is one of the preeminent science and technology schools in the US.

New Mexico Tech receives regular praise from several university rankings, including those published by Newsweek, The Princeton Review, Huffington Post and Kiplingers’s. The institute has been singled out as one “The Best 373 Colleges in USA”, the “Top 25 Most Desirable Small Schools” and the “Top 25 Most Desirable Rural Schools”. This combined with NMT’s reputation as a high-value-for-money institute for higher education makes it an obvious short-list candidate for international students.

Academic excellence
NMT offers a comprehensive list of science and technology degrees at all levels, with coursework in foundational sciences (such as Biology and Chemistry), technical communication and a host of engineering disciplines from Mechanical to Mineral Engineering. The curriculum is admittedly challenging, and many of the lecturers actually write their own textbooks.


Pic: NMT Weir Hall.

High academic expectations spell intensive study and research for students. But there is a strong (and very literal) payoff for those who rise to the challenge: graduates earn in the top 15 percent of the peers across nearly 600 universities surveyed in the US.

Excellence in research
Research is central to an NMT education, with more than a dozen active research divisions on campus. In fact, the institute is jokingly referred to as a research institute that just happens to have a university in tow. This is admittedly a bit of an exaggeration, but it highlights the importance that research plays at NMT.

Researchers at the university are encouraged to hire students to help with research projects. As such, students at all levels play an active role in research at NMT, equipping them with crucial problem-solving skills and preparing them for real-world application of the academic theory they learn in class.


Pic: Winter at NMT.

Most fourth-year students are required to engage in a capstone research project, the requirements of which vary from one department to the next. Through the Senior Design Clinic, engineering students even have the chance to work with off-campus sponsors that include NASA and General Electric.

Connect with NMT through the institute’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and learn more through the NMT YouTube channel.