Leading engineering schools for Asian students
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Leading engineering schools for Asian students

The demand for engineers is at an all-time high. However, major companies are not able to recruit the volume of engineers they need to execute their projects. With that in mind, this is an opportune time for aspiring engineers in Asia and abroad. With the right university credentials and a heavy dose of ambition, today’s graduates could well go on to high-powered positions of leadership in engineering around the world.  

The data and analytics company, Identified, launched in 2010 and proceeded to issue reports on the demand and employability of university graduates. Forbes magazine is one of several periodicals to publish the results of their research, which indicate a voracious demand for engineers – and not just in high-tech sectors.

Around the world, more and more nations are achieving higher standards of development. As economies blossom and the standards for infrastructure increase, engineers are going to be in even higher demand. So for those wondering if earning an engineering degree today is a solid investment in the future of their career, the short answer is: Absolutely.

A high demand for engineers overseas
The need for highly skilled engineers is even more pronounced in the West, where university students are more likely to pursue Liberal Arts degrees than they are in the East. This has prompted some Western nations to introduce creative legislation to attract specialists from overseas.

According to Forbes, large multinational corporations in the US are increasingly reliant upon foreign-educated engineers.  Microsoft, Google, IBM, Accenture and Cisco have the most foreign-educated engineers of any firms in the country.  And these are just the top contenders. Continue down the list, and it’s more than obvious that engineers are at liberty to pick and choose among potential high-profile employers. In short, it’s an engineer’s market, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Students on the stairs at Linköping University

Pic: Students on the stairs at Linköping University.

As reflected in the statistics above. Software engineers are in particularly high demand. This opens doors to high-tech companies such as NVIDIA, which employs the most engineers of any firm in the US (by a percentage of the company’s total workforce). Worldwide bookseller Amazon.com is also a close contender for top position in these terms. With that in mind, software engineers are just as likely to find themselves designing and building graphics cards as they are to implementing  e-book distribution platforms.

But in a more general sense, engineers are in charge of designing, crafting and maintaining complex systems, and this means that virtually every industry on the planet needs qualified engineers to grow. Everything from product design to logistics and manufacturing creates demand for engineers. Opportunities abound.

Earning engineering credentials abroad
Given the fact that so many companies in the West are looking overseas for recruits, many universities in Europe and North America are working overtime to attract engineering students. When it comes to incentives, they have plenty to offer. This is especially true given the increasing willingness of governments in the West to accommodate international entrepreneurs who want to establish profitable, job-creating companies on foreign soil.

LSBU surveyor

Pic: LSBU surveyor.

With that in mind, the following are among the best international engineering schools for Asian students:

The Technical University of Denmark opened in the 1800s and places a strong emphasis on making connections between natural and technical sciences. The result is a vibrant, interdisciplinary spirit that values innovation over conformity. The university’s record in research and discovery is strong. In fact, five National Research Institutions merged with DTU in 2007, effectively expanding the university’s research capability and introducing a wealth of new funding contracts with the Danish government. Read the full profile here…

Linköping University’s Institute of Technology is a Swedish pioneer in higher learning. It is classified in the world’s top 350 universities according to Times Higher Education and continues to climb higher. The institute’s master’s-level engineering programs are taught in English and attract a large and diverse body of international students. Read the full profile here…

The College of Engineering is intensely sought-after NC State University’s, with more than one out of six students enrolled at the university studying to be engineers. It’s easy to understand the attraction. According to the Wall Street Journal, graduates of the College of Engineering are among the most attractive job applicants in the US.  Read the full profile here…

Graduation at University of Sydney

Pic: Graduation at University of Sydney.

The University of Sydney is one of the oldest institute’s of higher learning in Australia, with a tradition dating back to the 1850s. This is a particularly popular choice for engineering students in Asia, given the university’s location in the Asia-Pacific region and its penchant for producing Nobel Prize Laureates.

LSBU is eagerly pursuing partnerships and recruitment opportunities in Asia. The Faculty of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment collaborates with universities in Asia including Northwestern Polytechnical University, Hunan University and the Beijing Institute of Technology. Strong links to key industry players also make this a leading choice for international engineering students.