Celebrating quinoa
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Celebrating quinoa

Le Cordon Bleu News, 03/05/2013

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Celebrating quinoa at Le Cordon Bleu Paris
The United Nations has decreed 2013 the “Year of Quinoa” in recognition of the natives who have maintained, controlled, protected and safeguarded quinoa as an important and nutritious grain for both today’s and future generations.
To celebrate the occasion, Le Cordon Bleu was honored to welcome a delegation from CECUPE (Peruvian Cultural Center) for a conference by Yolanda Rigault (President of CECUPE) and Jason Abbot, American agronomist who was the first person to grow quinoa in Anjou, the Loire Valley. The presentation showcased the exceptional nutritional value of quinoa and how it has adapted itself throughout history.
Patrick Terrien, Chef Instructor Le Cordon Bleu and Lourdes Pluvinage, Chef of El Picaflor restaurant in Paris treated the participants to a quinoa salad, quinoa “paella” with squid and langoustines and for dessert, quinoa with lúcuma (a Peruvian fruit)
Native to the Andes, quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Will) dates back around 7000 years and reached its peak during the Inca Empire. With the arrival of the Spanish, quinoa was replaced with cereals but the small Andean grain managed to survive through the centuries.

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Celebrating quinoa