5 soldiers, 2 militants killed in Indian Kashmir
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5 soldiers, 2 militants killed in Indian Kashmir

SRINAGAR, India (AP) — A team of militants stormed a paramilitary camp Wednesday morning in the capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir, leaving five soldiers and two militants dead and 10 more people wounded, a police official said.

Five of those injured at the camp were members of the paramlitary force, the Central Reserve Police Force, and five were civilians, said police official Manoj Kumar Shree.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, though suspicion immediately fell on Muslim separatists. Officials gave no further details on the violence.

Kashmir has been wracked by more than two decades of separatist violence, though militant attacks have decreased dramatically in recent years and attacks like Wednesday’s have become relative rarities in Srinagar.

The Himalayan region is divided between India and Pakistan, but claimed in its entirety by both. India has long blamed Pakistan for training and arming the militants, a charge Pakistan denies.

The insurgents are demanding either a separate state or a merger with Muslim-majority Pakistan.