2013 Bangkok Gubernatorial race: Who will win? – Live blog
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2013 Bangkok Gubernatorial race: Who will win? – Live blog

18:00 Actual results (from Bangkok City Hall directly and not the TV Poll figures which are quite far behind – see pic) Sukhumbhand 924,310; Pongsapat 780,068 via @Thanchy_Rw (Kom Chud Leuk journalist).

BP: It is all over. Sukhumbhand wins. This is with 75% of the vote counted. Sukhumbhand will get over 1,000,000 votes.

17:30 1 hour ago, BP puts the actual voting figures into Excel. Sukhumbhand 47.60%; Pongsapat 40.18%. Now, Sukhumbhand 47.55%; Pongsapat 40.07%.

BP: Sukhumbhand maintains his early lead.These figures exclude no votes and spoilt ballots. Votes for independent candidates is less than expected.

17:15 Sukhumbhand 447,120; Pongsapat 376,979. Gap = 70,141.

BP: Again, Pongsapat is not closing the gap.

16:35. Sukhumbhand 407,830; Pongsapart 344,335

BP:Now, starting to get very difficult for Pongsapat to take back the lead.

16:10 From the Bangkok Post: Sukhumbhand leads in early vote counting (40% counted). Sukhumbhand 329,141; Pongsapat Pongcharoen 287,314.

15:50. ThaiPBS on actual counting 236k for Suk; 199k for Pongsapat.

BP: Once the vote counts for both exceed 400k each, we should have a better idea as who will win. Sukhubhand has good early lead…

15:45 Of the exit and entry (taken day before the election):

BP:: From Ch 3 on actual results so far. 171k (47%) to Sukhumbhand; 145k (40%) to Pongsapat. Still early counting.

15:10. Ch 7 Exit Poll: Pongsapat 46.23%; Suk. 38.84%. Bkk Uni: Pongsapat 44.14%; Suk 41.07% via Nation Weekend

BP: So Pongsapat leading in most, but overall margin is still quite low.

15:05. NIDA Entry Poll: Sukhumbhand 43.1%; Pongsapat 41.4%; Suan Suntana Exit Poll: Pongsapat 43.8%; Sukhumbhand 39.5%

15:00. Baan Somdej Exit Poll: Pongsapart: 40.02%; Sukhubhand 38.54% via @Aim_NT

Polls close at 3 so will be live-blogging the results with some commentary.