US senator hopeful Vietnam adoptions to start soon
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US senator hopeful Vietnam adoptions to start soon

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — A visiting U.S. senator says that Vietnam and the United States are close to an agreement that would allow Americans to adopt Vietnamese children, five years after a ban was imposed because of allegations that baby-selling was rife.

Sen. Mary Landrieu says she is hopeful adoptions will restart “in the near future,” citing strengthened laws passed by Vietnam.

Vietnam was a popular destination for prospective adoptive parents before Washington imposed a ban in 2008 after an investigation revealed widespread allegations of corruption, fraud and baby-selling.

Adoption programs in other developing countries have run into similar problems amid high demand, mostly by Americans.

Landrieu said late Wednesday that there is “always going to be a possibility of something going wrong” but that shouldn’t deprive children the opportunity to have families.