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UNSW Law has been in operation for more than four decades and operates one of the most respected international law programs in the Asia-Pacific region. In all, the school offers more than 30 postgraduate programs across 12 distinct areas of specialization, with taught coursework, research degrees and diploma programs all on offer. The University of South Wales is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of 8 universities, and law students who earn postgraduate credentials here share in that prestige.

UNSW Law features its own purpose-built facilities that include a law library, postgraduate computer lab and extracurricular activities area. The school has extensive offerings for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Research is central to many of the Master’s Degree programs listed below. In addition to the following courses, intensive doctoral-level research programs are also available:

Master of Laws (by coursework)

A traditional law degree from UNSW takes an interdisciplinary approach to postgraduate law and includes a strong research component.

Master of Business Administration / Master of Laws

This joint program develops leadership skills and encourages higher-order management within the legal profession.

Master of Business Law

Designed for non-lawyers, this degree caters to professionals who require a strong grasp of the law to succeed.

Master of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Available to non-lawyers and lawyers, alike, this program provides specialized education in criminal law, theory and practice.

Master of Dispute Resolution

This course helps students develop creative approaches to resolving civil and professional disputes in a 21st-century context.

Master of Human Rights Law and Policy

The field of human rights is expanding rapidly, and those who develop higher credentials now are going to play a key role in the field’s future scope and direction.

Master of International Law and International Relations

Of particular interest to students of law in Asia, this program provides keen insight into the problems and overlap between international law and politics.


Pic: UNSW Law.

Master of International Law and Security

This program explores the factors that are affecting the security and strategic environments of the Asia-Pacific region as well as the world at large.

Master of Law and Management

The Master of Law and Management Degree caters to lawyers who deal with large-scale corporations, as well as managers who require a stronger understanding of the law.

Master of Law, Media and Journalism

Of increasing importance in today’s interconnected world, this degree equips professionals and lawyers with the tools needed to understand media interaction in the 21st century.

Master of Legal Studies

Specifically designed for non-lawyers, this program provides in-depth understanding of the legal system and how it works.


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