Pacquiao Watch: Business sense prevails
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Pacquiao Watch: Business sense prevails

Rep. Manny Pacquiao finally conceded that an April fight is no longer possible given its proximity and the attendant conflicts that go along with the said date.

The early ring return for Pacquiao has fail written all over.

Professionally, he could not have it done in Las Vegas, mecca of pay-per-view boxing, as his suspension from anything related to boxing activities virtually left little window of opportunity for a fight to hit the one million buy mark.  Plus, his promoter Bob Arum of Top Tank would have nothing of it – the April date at least.

Personally, Pacquiao is tied up with the Philippine elections in May where he is running for re-election, albeit unopposed, and where he is committed to the candidacies of his wife Jinkee and brother Rogelio (Roel).

Medically and physically, he needs a longer period of rest after the devastating one-punch KO loss he suffered from longtime nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.  Pacquiao and his team may shout their hearts out that nothing is physically wrong with the all-time Filipino boxing great.  But a KO loss is a KO loss.  It leaves physical and emotional scars.  It takes time to heal.

Business-wise, it is a risky venture for him.   Pacquiao’s and his team’s initial insistence for an early ring return is obviously motivated by genuine desire to redeem his wounded pride even though it is also rumored that he needs some financial catching up, both for the coming elections and some pending and future business projects.

But in the end, good business sense prevailed.

It is now a September return for him and it will mean a 9-month layoff for the fighting congressman from Sarangani.

Pacquiao had already accomplished what every professional boxer can only dream their whole life.  Pacquiao’s unprecedented record of 8 world boxing crown in as many weight categories will be very difficult to equal and, not to say, surpass.  There is only one fight left for him, the one against Floyd Mayweather Jr.  That may not happen, although not because of his making.

The Marquez 5 fight will come.  You can set that in stone.  Pacquiao will get his revenge.

With the April fight now off, Pacquiao will have plenty of time to recover both physically and emotionally.  He can reflect on what went wrong that came along in his loss to Marquez and also look forward where his boxing career is hence headed to.

Make no mistake about it. Pacquiao is no longer fighting for God, country and glory.  He had done it many times over.  He had already accomplished all glories and honors long time ago.

But there is also danger lurking for Pacquiao should he goes on fighting for business sense alone.

Some say it is easy to go to the top but it is also equally hard to stay in there.

Sadly, boxing is a sport that can be cruel and unforgiving for those who will overstay their welcome.

Pacquiao will need the long layoff from boxing to ponder when calling it quits while ahead is best for him.

Pacman knows.   He knows that.