Most-read articles of the week — February 3, 2013
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Most-read articles of the week — February 3, 2013

Top 10 in society.

1. Authorities are investigating multi-campus universities that allow some students to begin at provincial campuses and then receive degrees from the more prestigious Seoul campus.

2. The recruitment rate for new students at KAIST has fallen below 90% for three consecutive years.

3. Residents of a high-rise apartment building are upset that the building is difficult to keep heated due to the windows being poorly insulated.

4. Some doctors were arrested on charges of selling Zolpidem as a date-rape drug.

5. After a single mother’s three children were found to be severely malnourished, one reporter looked at the life circumstances that left them in such poverty.

6. A look at a night spent in a casino.

7. A man has been arrested for convincing a woman who needed money that he could “sponsor” her with several tens of millions of won if she had sex with him. Torn, she decided to do it, but afterwards he disappeared without paying her.

8. The Ministry of Education revoked the credentials of over 130 graduates of a medical school found not to have had the required amount of training.

9. A photo of a seagull plucking  a french fry from a woman’s mouth at Haeundae Beach.

10. For the first time, the valedictorian at Seoul National University has a perfect 4.3 GPA.