King’s College London – School of Arts & Humanities
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King’s College London – School of Arts & Humanities

King’s College London’s School of Arts & Humanities is a world leader in teaching and research and was recently ranked 26th-best faculty of its kind according to the 2011 QS World Rankings. This is a global hub of creative arts research emphasising interdisciplinary connections between subjects.

King’s is an obvious choice for Asian students in pursuit of an international arts and humanities degree. Living on London – one of the most creative cities in the world – is a clear draw. And beyond this, King’s was recently named ‘University of the Year’ by the Sunday Times, a title previously held by Oxford University. Needless to say, aspiring students around the world are taking notice.

Academic offerings at KCL

The school’s new BA Liberal Arts programme has launched in 2012. Flexible and innovative, this course allows students to choose from a wide range of majors in the arts, humanities and social sciences, anything from Film Studies to Literature or Politics. They can also add a foreign language, enrol in an internship module and study abroad with one of King’s College London’s international partners. For Asian students with an interest in creative arts education, it’s difficult to find a school with a more international focus.

Postgraduate course offerings are even more diverse, and this is where the interdisciplinary focus of King’s College London shines brightest. MA programmes combine subjects in innovative ways, leading to courses ranging from Digital Culture and Society to Culture, Media and Creative Industries. The school also collaborates with other academic institutions to offer joint degrees.


Pic: KCL students.

Research networks are vital to studies at the School of Arts & Humanities. King’s College is actively involved in the London arts scene, and students participate in collaborative projects with institute such as the Royal Academy of Music, the British Museum, the British Film Institute, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the National Portrait Gallery. Experience working and studying with renowned institutes like this is a serious resume booster. International students who pursue a degree through the School of Arts & Humanities graduate with a substantial competitive advantage.

Student life

King’s College is touted as the most centrally located university in London. All four of its campuses are located within a single square mile, on the banks of the River Thames. On each campus, students can take advantage of catering services, with cuisine that caters to a variety of culinary traditions and preferences. Shops and entertainment venues are also found on campus.


Pic: Maughan Library.

One of the most important considerations for international students is finding ways to get involved. With this in mind, King’s College hosts a range of student-run societies, volunteer groups, media groups and sporting clubs.


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