International Hotel School South Africa
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International Hotel School South Africa

South Africa’s leading hotel school has been training professionals for nearly two decades. In the time since the school’s founding, South Africa’s hospitality industry has seen incredible growth, fostering a dynamic environment in which students can prepare for a successful 21st-century career.

Graduates of International Hotel School South Africa (IHS) assume positions with leading hospitality organizations across the country and, thanks to the school’s comprehensive accreditation, internationally as well. Given the thriving trade relations between China and South Africa, an increasing number of Asian students showing interest in IHS’ offerings.

Learning from abroad

Not all of those studying through the International Hotel School physically attend the campus in South Africa. Thanks to collaboration between the American Hotel and Lodging Institute, it’s possible to earn internationally recognized certifications from home, and many students from Asia are doing just this.

The educational materials and standards are supplied by the AHLEI, while the educational support and online classes are coordinated through IHS. Each student has a point of contact at the school who can help out with questions or problems. Students also collaborate with their virtual classmates and participate in daylong online tutorials.


Pic: IHSSA facilities.


IHS has a range of offerings to prepare students for the hospitality industry. Training courses, certifications and full-on diplomas are all available. The school’s full-time offerings follow:

Hotel Operations

This is a two-year course that follows curriculum laid out by City & Guilds group. Altogether, students spend one year in class and one year in on-the-job training, delivered through a rotation of three-month modules. Students can specialize in accommodation operations reception operations or beverage services.


The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute accredits this six-month program, which prepares students for a fast-paced career in hospitality. It incorporates 8 weeks of in-class work and 12 weeks of real-world training. Students can specialize in banquet setup, bell service, reservations and restaurant service.


Pic: International Hotel School in South Africa.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

This is a three-year program is recognized by the City & Guilds Group (a UK organization) and the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. It covers the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the international hospitality industry. Graduates assume junior management positions in hotels and hospitality organizations around the world.

Food and Beverage Management

Another three-year program, this one focuses on food service and production and also opens doors junior-management positions. Graduates lead food service teams in restaurants, catering services and similar institutes.


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