CQUniversity School of Engineering and Technology
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CQUniversity School of Engineering and Technology

CQUniversity is a cutting-edge centre of higher learning in Queensland, Australia, ideally located for students in Asia ready to undertake a 21st-century postgraduate program. The university fosters a rich and rewarding learning environment that encourages everyone involved to ‘be what they want to be’. Much more than an empty slogan, this approach to education hinges on strong industry links, community involvement and the development of industry-specific skills.

Being what you want to be is no easy task, and it requires a strong commitment to lifelong learning. While enrolled at the School of Engineering and Technology, students benefit from an optimal mix of theory and practical learning under the oversight of highly-qualified academics with strong industry experience. This combines with state-of-the-art facilities to present students with every opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their specializations.

The university operates its main campus in Central Queensland at North Rockhampton, along with other regional campuses at Bundaberg, Gladstone, Mackay and Noosa. As with many Australian institutes of higher education, distance learning is also a forte of CQUniversity, making it possible for students to earn postgraduate degrees and qualifications from home in many cases.


Hands-on learning at the School of Engineering and Technology

School of Engineering and Technology

CQUniversity’s School of Engineering and Technology cooperates closely with key centers of the Institute for Resources and Sustainability, including the Process Engineering and Light Metals Centre, the Centre for Railway Engineering, the Centre for Plant and Water Sciences, the Power Engineering Research Group and the Centre for Environmental Management.

Students can pursue the following areas of study at the postgraduate level:

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management involves virtually every phase of maintenance operations, from planning and organizing technical considerations to making allowances for human interface and minimizing environmental impact. The program is designed for maintenance professionals from all industries looking to develop higher knowledge, skills and qualifications.

Power Generation

This program has been designed by experts in power generation, and it covers every aspect of the process from design and construction of power generation systems to developing systems for handling waste, transmitting power and carrying out maintenance. The program caters to professionals in the power-generation sector who wish to enhance their qualifications, as well as to existing engineers looking to branch out into power generation.


Pic: CQUniversity engineering precinct.

Railway Signalling and Telecommunications

Professionals in this sector see to the design, testing, installation, monitoring and maintenance of railway control systems. This is an important field across much of Asia, where railway infrastructure is being built in record-breaking volume. The coursework is a product of collaboration with Research Centre for Railway Engineering and Technology.

Rail Operations Management

Railway Operations Managers oversee the running of all manner of railway service, with an emphasis on harmonizing efficiency and safety. Those currently involved with rail operation or management can extend their skills and qualifications through this program.


Learn more about CQUniversity at www.cqu.edu.au/international, or connect via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.