Most-read articles of the week – January 26, 2013
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Most-read articles of the week – January 26, 2013

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Top 10 in society.

1. Actresses Lee Seung-yeon and Jang Mi-inae were called in for questioning regarding charges of selling drugs.

2. Economic competition is leading Chinese restaurants to cease delivery, leading their drivers to switch to delivering pizza or fried chicken.

3.  Seven teenagers in Taean are accused of sexually assaulting a female student.

4. Apparently Samsung Group vice-chairman Lee Jae-yong got his son admitted to Younghoon International Middle School under the “social consideration system”, which is supposed to be reserved for kids from low-income families.

5. A woman in Incheon was tricked by internet grifters into handing over very large sums of money.

6. Somebody set fire to some city buses parked in a garage, possibly an unhappy driver.

7. A college student was commended by police for rescuing a woman who had been kidnapped.

8. A man who had been running a mutual assistance society among small business owners for over a decade disappeared with tens of millions of won donated by the members.

9. Two Seoul city employees, both North Korean refugees, are accused of having repeatedly traveled to North Korea to relay information on defectors living in the South.

10. The government is considering raising the current retirement age of 60 to 68 by the year 2034, for social insurance payments.