Korean police have plan to reduce bullying
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Korean police have plan to reduce bullying

Source article in Korean is at this link.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency has prepared a “2013 School Violence Response Guideline” which involves school visit days and increased responsiveness to reports of school violence.

According to the guideline prepared by the Agency, police officers assigned to schools, honorary teachers, and “mother police” will each visit schools once a month to promote an anti-school violence campaign and increase joint patrols.

Also, education authorities, local governments, and civic groups will create school violence prevention councils to work together with local communities.

Promotional materials will be placed on the websites of local governments and cooperative agencies, and also on subway advertisements, to promote the 117 hotline. Activities will also tyake place in elementary, middle, and high schools and even in kindergartens.

Accordingly, each police station will operate guidance programs for students, and the program considered to be best will become the template for others.