Indonesian judge ‘jokes’ that victims may enjoy rape
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Indonesian judge ‘jokes’ that victims may enjoy rape

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian judge interviewing for a job at the Supreme Court has suggested that women may enjoy rape, sparking public anger.

Muhammad Daming Sunusi made the remark Monday to a parliamentary panel grilling him ahead of his possible appointment as one of 23 justices at the court.

Asked whether the death penalty was a suitable punishment for rape, Sanusi said that since both the attacker and the victim “might have enjoyed it we have to think twice about imposing the death penalty.”

Members of the commission reportedly laughed at the remark.

Sunusi later apologized, saying the remark was intended to be a joke to “ease the tension” of the interview.

At least two political parties said they would now reject Sunusi’s nomination.

Women’s rights groups are also protesting the remarks.