In pictures: Beating the heat Down Under
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In pictures: Beating the heat Down Under

Australia is sweltering. We’re not talking a few above average temperatures here, we’re talking record breaking heat waves across the country with the nation recording an average of 40.33 degrees on Monday, January 7.

These are the weather forecasting charts now being used by the Bureau of Meterology; the purple indicates temperatures of 54 degrees, a change that has been forced by the heat and well above the 1960 record of 50.7 at Oodnadatta in South Australia.

Even though Oodnadatta only reached 48.2 on Monday, it was still too hot to refuel as fuel was vapourising and couldn’t pump in the heat.

Fires are also breaking out across the nation, the most horrific so far in Tasmania where families were forced to find shelter in the sea as this photo shows.


Flames by a jetty in Dunalley, Tasmania. Pic: ABC News

However in order to cool us all down across Australia here are some happier images to consider and ways people are beating the heat.


A man takes refuge in the cool water behind a waterfall of a fountain in central Sydney, Australia. Pic: AP.


A dog gets some water relief. Pic: Twitter/Craft Ledger


A female lion with an iceblock at Taronga Zoo. Pic: AFP PHOTO/ MANAN VATSYAYANA


Kids in buckets. Pic: Twitter/Raven Zech


Posted on Facebook page with the tag line: “How are you keeping cool today?”


Cooling off in a water trough at Mt Gipps Station, Broken Hill. Picture: Braden Fastier Source: The Sunday Telegraph


Sydney’s beaches were popular this week. Picture: Toby Zerna Source: The Sunday Telegraph


Bondi Beach at night when the temperature was still 35 degrees. Picture: Bill Hearne Source: The Daily Telegraph

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