For Australia Day, Aussies rename McDonald’s to ‘Macca’s’
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For Australia Day, Aussies rename McDonald’s to ‘Macca’s’

IN true Australian style whereby names are shortened, a vowel or a ‘y’ is added and the meaning sometimes made almost indecipherable, McDonald’s has agreed to change the name of some of its restaurants downunder to the Aussie nickname Macca’s.

For those not familiar with the Australian penchant for changing and altering words see this advertisement for the new restaurant name.

If you struggled with some of the words here’s a help list:

rellos – relatives

ambo – ambulance worker

chin wag – talk

tinny – boat

chockas – full

coppers – policemen/women

ute – pickup truck

pulled an all nighter – worked all night


Pic: McDonald's Australia/AFP.

Macca’s is such a popular Aussie nickname–apparently the second most popular slang term in the country according to Reuters – that McDonald’s decided to embrace it.

“We’re incredibly proud to embrace our ‘Australian-only’ nickname,” said Mark Lollback, the company’s chief marketing officer in Australia, in a statement on Tuesday.

“What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than change our store signs to the name the community has given us?”

It seems however the Americans aren’t too impressed and couldn’t pronounce the name either. CBS reporters said after their report, that aired here, “What? Their changing the name? For that I say why? Nobody asked us.”

They may be relieved to find out the change is temporary for the Australia Day period (January 26). However it is the first time McDonald’s has altered its name for a local market, although menu items are made for local populations – in Australia there is a burger with lamb and beetroot, in India much of the menu is vegetarian, there’s a McFalafel sandwhich in Egypt, there are special Chinese New Year meals in China and pavlovas on New Zealand menus.

Apparently McDonald’s has also requested the Macquarie Dictionary to include the name Maccas in their online version. They obviously like it.

So if you’re walking around downunder in the next few weeks and see the golden arches with an odd name, yes it’s still McDonald’s.

And if you’re wondering what the number one slang term in Australia is – it’s footy.

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