Transparency International: Thailand ranked 88th out of 176 in corruption index
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Transparency International: Thailand ranked 88th out of 176 in corruption index

Transparency International have just released the 2012 Corruptions Perceptions Index. BP has previously blogged about Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index in 2006200720082010, – see also this post here – and 2011.

Below is a screenshot from the 2012 results:

NOTE: A higher score or higher rank is better, ie China’s score of 39 or rank of 80 is better than India’s score of 36 or rank of 94.

Unfortunately, Transparency International have noted a change in methodology – previously scores were out of 10 – and this makes comparison difficult. Methodology note:

Following a rigorous review process, some important changes have been made to the methodology in 2012. The method we use to aggregate different data sources has been simplified and also now includes just one year’s data from each data source. Crucially, this method will allow us to compare scores over time, which was not methodologically possible previously. Given the changes to the methodology, it must be emphasised that country scores of the CPI 2012 cannot be compared against those of 2011 or previous editions. Year to year comparisons will be possible from 2012 onwards.

BP: So next year will corruption get better or worse?

btw, the country score cannot be compared although we can compare where Thailand ranks compared to other countries. BP should note though that this is somewhat imprecise in determining whether there is less or more corruption. For example, there may be less corruption in Thailand, but if other countries are doing better (i.e even less corruption) then Thailand’s score may drop (The lower the country rating, the greater the perception of corruption/worse corruption is). Below is Thailand’s score from previous years (higher rank equals better):

2001, 61 out of 91

2002, 64 out of 102

2003, 70 out of 133

2004, 64 out of 145

2005, 59 out of 159

2006, 63 out of 163

2007, 84 out of 180

2008, 80 out of 180

2009, 84 out of 180

2010, 78 out of 178

2011, 80 out of 182

2012, 88 out of 176

BP: The change of methodology makes it difficult to say if corruption is getting better or worse, but in comparison with other countries Thailand is falling down the list….