The life, loves, and travels of Gabriella Marcelino
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The life, loves, and travels of Gabriella Marcelino

I’m of Portuguese and British heritage, but was born right here in the ‘City of Gold’ aka Johannesburg, and have lived here for 21 years. I’m incredibly outgoing, ambitious, not easily influenced, hard working, and dedicated to the things and people I love – nothing is ever too much for my friends and family.

I’m both simple and complicated all at the same time – both motherly and childish too. I’m a believer in many things. I live very much for who I am and where I am today, and have a positive outlook on life. I know that it’s you and and only you that makes you happy. I feel empowered and I have a pretty dry sense of humour.

I’m not a fan of …

* fighting * mozzies * people who walk around like they own the world * losing people * creases in clothes * standing behind someone really tall at a concert * silence * when my eyes are dry * unpacking * being taken for granted * wondering what could have been * lies * how destructive lies can be and more importantly the people that tell them * sharing a double bed with more than two people * deadlines * being shouted at * artichokes * not having cell service * scratched CDs * washing dishes * brushing my hair * my bank balance slip * slapstick comedy *downloading music*

I’m a fan of …

* auctions * asian cuisine * my red head scarf * nail polish * the feeling of home* FRIENDS * sunglasses * hearing love stories * winter * music * the rain * baby oil * vintage anything * reminiscing over the old days * Lilly and Shelly * laughing * tattoos * Vegas’s nickname * faith * text messages that make me smile * peanut-butter M & Ms * photo booths * driving * trust * freedom * CCHQ * college * Kat Von D * ginger soy noodle boxes * vinyls * Helena Bonham Carter * mascara * floral print * cold pillows * 30 Seconds * big rings * biographies * B’s smile * the small things * pink cupcakes * mojitos * blazers * bellies * Bridget Jones reruns on TV * sleepovers with Heather * dining out with my Pops * my bedroom wall * shooting stars * summer * CD shopping * Steven’s singing voice * car seat warmers * wolves * Russell Brand and his kick-ass British accent * the priceless moments * photographs * Sydney * basic instruments that make sense of my world * knowing there’s someone there who worries someone else may steal my heart * flannel sheets * driving with Shannon * mascara * Dallas Green * the Hospice Shop * clocks * the ladyboys in Thailand * frames * cracking crème brûlée * an open road * the Princess * weddings * chillies * Ms Audrey Hepburn * Sir James Dean * Lady Marilyn Monroe * teapots * Lisa Lampanelli * umbrellas * the squeaky voice Cleo and I communicate in * baby Piglet * walking in the rain * the colour of the sea in Great Exuma * Brent’s knock-off Bahamian accent * voice notes from Kyle * MAC makeup * everything bagels * praline and cream ice-cream and Mairi-Anne for sharing it with me * Friday the 13th April 2012 and Yasmina * the Big Bang Theory * Bambino and his bright smile * Seafront Sushi * the cars in Cuba * SoHo, New York * the Paradise Island bridge in Nassau * the Grandaddy Hotel Rooftop * Giovanni’s espresso * how the N1 ends in Cape Town * nostalgia * Morgan’s laugh * lipstick * oversized handbags * shoes * London Bridge * the view from 60 Denning Point and the way my mother covers her mouth when she laughs *

Things I love in this world

The huge and oh so versatile Hospitality Industry interested me for very simple reasons:

  1. I don’t like the idea of a 9 to 5 office job.
  2. I wanted each day to be different.
  3. I adore travelling and this is an easy way to do that.
  4. I love that the Industry is RIDICULOUS; I mean the hours are silly – late nights and early mornings aren’t the best combo!
  5. I love making things happen and seeing things come together.
  6. I love the sense of ‘family’ within a hotel.
  7. I love meeting new people.
  8. I love the potential for growth.
  9. I love the excitement.

The best six months of my life

I travelled to New York, Miami, Orlando, all over Jamaica and Havannah, Cuba. I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘practical’ for college. I have the travel bug as it is, so these past 6 months have only added to my list of places I can cross off my list!

Barcelona and Madrid – Spain
London – England
Paris, Nice and Marsielle – France
Venice, Rome, Florence, Verona, and Sienna – Italy
Athens, Crete, and Milo Island – Greece
Faro, Algarve, and Coimbra – Portugal
Ponte de Aora – Mozambique
Livingstone – Zambia
La Pointe aux Cannionaire – Maritius
Bulowayo – Zimbabwe
Bangkok, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island – Thailand
Los Angeles, San Francisco in California, Miami and Orlando in Florida, New York in NY – USA
Juneau and Anchorage – Alaska
Vancover – Canada
Perth and Sydney – Australia
Kingston, Motego Bay and Ochio Rios – Jamaica
Havannah – Cuba
Nassau and George Town in Great Exuma – The Bahamas
and I couldn’t forget Cape Town, one of my favourite cities in South Africa!

In the years to come, I see myself in Events and Public Relations. I love people and the high stress levels of making sure everything comes together. I see myself anywhere but South Africa, and I see myself being happy!

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The life, loves, and travels of Gabriella Marcelino