Taiwan’s NMA TV makes ‘Japan Election 2012’ animation
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Taiwan’s NMA TV makes ‘Japan Election 2012’ animation

The Taiwanese animated news website, NMA TV has released another of their infamous political videos featuring the upcoming Japanese election.

The video holds back no punches, and begins with references to LDP leader Shinzo Abe’s history of “crippling diarrhea”,  while Prime Minister Noda flies through the air holding an eel-like fish – a nod to Yoshihiko Noda’s self-deprecating allusion to himself as “a loach in muddy waters

As usual, the video is a humorous, though frighteningly accurate representation of the current state of Japanese politics. It also includes references to recent pop-culture events – alongside a panda representing China and a bear for Russia, Gangnam Style singer Psy (as South Korea) play a whack-a-mole game using Abe and Noda’s heads and ride missiles towards a group of Japanese soldiers.

The video also comments on Japan’s electrical shortages due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis, noting how easily Japan’s politicians have given in to electrical company giants like Sharp, Panasonic and Sony.

No sides are taken by the NMA TV with Noda’s plans to enter the gingerbread house of TPP (only to be burned alive by America, China and Canada) and the concept of Abenomics (which sinks Japan, turning it into a modern-day Altantis) are both presented as equally ridiculous.

But perhaps it’s the animations last words which are the most telling of the upcoming Japanese election: “Who do you think is the sillier candidate, Noda or Abe?”