Student spotlight: Jeremy Smith
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Student spotlight: Jeremy Smith

Meet Jeremy Smith, DJ/producer from Perth Australia, who is proving himself a solid player in the Perth party scene and nipping at the heels of the success of his influencers. Last year Jeremy was awarded the SAE Institute Australia Academic Ambassador Scholarship in the Bachelor of Audio Production, having demonstrated a commendable thirst for excellence in his studies and helping others.

“My peers are so very talented and we all look up to each other in one way or another. To be chosen out of that group of people by SAE Institute Australia staff whom we admire is a huge honor.”

At the same time, his passion for interacting with people helped land him a regular spot as DJ and promoter for a local events company. He has since been quickly gaining traction on the Perth festival circuit performing under the alias Paper Plane securing a handful of residencies at various Perth nightclubs, which have seen him supporting many of the hottest acts of the moment such as Flume, What So Not, Beni, Moullinex, the Aston Shuffle, Yuksek, Nina Las Vegas, Snakadaktal, San Cisco, and Tim and Jean.

The year ahead won’t give any chance for slowing down either, with sets at several music festivals, a tour with Tim and Jean, co-running a new events company, contributing to a blog/iPad magazine reviewing music, uncovering new talent and interviewing his favorite artists such as Flume, and a solo debut EP release in the early summer months; all this at the ripe age of 21, one wonders how he has achieved so much from the depths of Perth’s secluded southern suburbs.

Jeremy was raised on a diet of bodyboarding movies and alternative music, as did most kids growing up in the area. With the Indian Ocean as their backyard aquatic playground, life growing up was rich in beach culture; a daily surf, sail or bike ride not uncommon practice. With the advent of broadband technology, Jeremy took to another kind of surfing. For an adolescent connected to the rest of the world only by the railway line that opened in 2007, the Internet provided a limitless gateway for Jeremy to explore music beyond what was on the radio. At a young age he discovered trance and instantly gravitated towards it despite being virtually the only kid at his school listening to electronic music. At 16, he was already being heavily influenced by French electro acts Daft Punk, Justice and SebastiAn, who he credits as the catalyst for his own production style.

It was inevitable that Jeremy should try to follow in their footsteps. Growing up, music was the constant, having started and stopped playing various instruments since primary school. Over the years he picked up trumpet, organ, keyboard and drums, but it wasn’t until he saw Justice’s documentary ‘A Cross The Universe’ that he realized what it was that he was meant to be doing.

“I love technology and music and putting these two forms of expression together is still very exciting for me. I was lucky enough this year to meet Xavier and Gaspard from Justice when I played at Parklife and told them that basically everything I have achieved is because of their inspiration.”

Jeremy attributes his achievements to the confidence he has gained through his formal education at SAE Institute Australia. It has empowered him to put himself out there and take risks in finding work, and helped build his networking skills allowing him to meet the right people at the most opportune times. He also suggests that his passion for creativity is born out of his upbringing in a distanced and somewhat stifled environment.