SKorea: ‘Star lecturers’ arrested for gambling
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SKorea: ‘Star lecturers’ arrested for gambling

Original TV report in Korean is at this link.

【 Anchor】

Police have arrested a group of star lecturers on charges of overseas gambling.

They were found to have gone to a casino in Macau and gambled.

Lee Seong-hun reports.

【 Report 】

A group of star lecturers for college admissions have been arrested by police on charges of overseas gambling.

Five people including a Mr. Choi, and a hagwon official Mr. Kim, went to Macao casinos several times over the past three years, police said.

Mr. Choi, who teaches social studies, went to Macao over 30 times from the end of 2009 to February of this year.

▶ Interview(☎) : Police Official

– “They gambled, yes. Some of them have admitted it, and witnessed the others gambling. We therefore decided on the charges.”

The group are all friendly with one another, and would travel in groups of two and three to gamble together.

However, some of the lecturers denied the accusations.

▶ Interview(☎) : Lecturer Accused of Gambling

“I was never aware of any acts related to gambling. There was never any such thing…

▶ Standing : Lee Seong-hun / Reporter

“Police have arrested the six on gambling charges and two, including Mr. Choi, have been referred to prosecutors for indictment. This is Lee Seong-hun for MBN.”