Most-read articles of the week — December 30, 2012
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Most-read articles of the week — December 30, 2012

Top 10 in society.

1. Beginning January 1st, pet owners must register their pets with a local animal organization.

2. One couple was created out of the Battle of the Solos, aka the world’s saddest flashmob.

3. A sex offender who escaped from prison in Ilsan, barefoot, went shopping for sneakers in Ansan after checking into a hotel.

4. Starbucks Korea ran a Christmas promotion in which purchases of drinks earned stickers, which could eventually be redeemed for free drinks or a diary. People soon began trading in the stickers at work and online, where one sticker could go for up to 3,000 won.

5. The mother of the Daegu student who committed suicide last year over intense bullying at school is featured in a new documentary about the bullying problem.

6. Story #3 ended in the guy being caught again.

7. A look at how economic circumstances and work stress causes young people to delay marriage.

8. The Korean Professional Photographers Association is looking back at the year’s best photos taken by members, and one was of a seal grabbing a fish. Other photos can be seen here.

9. More on #3.

10. Some special forces soldiers got into a raucous argument in a drinking establishment.