University of Western Australia – Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
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University of Western Australia – Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Established in 1911, the University of Western Australia resides in Perth and enjoys a high-profile reputation both in the Asia-Pacific region and abroad. The cutting-edge, internationally recognised research carried out here fosters a dynamic environment in which postgraduate students thrive.

This is one of the premier universities in Australia, and its strategic location as a Western gateway to Asia makes it an ideal candidate for Asian students seeking postgraduate credentials. Shanghai-Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities places UWA among the global top-100 universities. UWA is also a member of Australia’s excusive ‘Group of Eight’ as well as the ‘Worldwide Universities Network’.

The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics is one of the leading choices for students of engineering in Asia. Renowned faculty and world-class facilities such as the Clough Engineering Student Centre and the Monadelphous Integrated Learning Centre combine to combine to create a vibrant atmosphere that breeds student excellence and ingenuity.


Pic: UWA Engineering.


At the postgraduate level, the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics has two main degree tracks – one dominated by research and another that results in a professional engineer qualification. Both of these break down into diverse specialisation tracks.

Students from Asia and abroad have a few pathways to enrolment to explore. In some cases, they may need to complete a Master of Professional Engineering Preliminary prior to entering. More detailed information on international admissions is available through the International Centre.

Master of Professional Engineering

This postgraduate degree also includes a professional engineer qualification and has been developed through close industry consultation. It’s a two-year course that allows for specialisation in one of the following fields: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering and Software Engineering.

Through the course, students achieve specialisation through a mix of advanced engineering technical units, professional units, design and research projects and an engineering practicum. The result is an acute readiness for real-world application.


Pic: UWA study group.

Postgraduate research degree

Students can also pursue a research-intensive postgraduate degree through UWA. The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematic’s internationally recognised research excellence fosters an ideal climate for postgraduate innovation and enquiry. Substantial financial aid is available to research students. Faculty advisors can advise students on the specifics of available postgraduate scholarships.

There are six strategic research themes operated through the faculty:


Bioengineering brings engineering, medicine and life sciences together under one discipline. Students address a range of research areas, from computational physiology and biomechanics to biomaterials and clinical medicine.

Energy and minerals

This area of research covers exploring and mining energy, extracting minerals, developing environmental policy and fuel utilisation. Graduates go on to monitor seismic activity, extract nitrogen and carbon from natural gas, convert natural gas to liquid fuel or assess the environmental impact of mining.


Pic: UWA student.

Engineering education

This line of research is part of the Faculty Academic for the Scholarship of Education (FASE), and it focuses on improving the learning experience of engineering students. It aims to better understand the learning environment, develop new curricula and build capacity in education research.

Environment and infrastructure

The environment and infrastructure research theme focuses on the infrastructure found both onshore and in the marine environment. It addresses everything from climate change, geohazards and ecosystem dynamics to the built environment and communication infrastructure.


Pic: UWA ECM project.

Mathematics and computation for complex systems

The focus in this research theme is on describing system dynamics through mathematical and computational equations. This includes applications in fine geometry, algebraic graph theory, computational group theory and dynamical systems theory and optimisation.

Sensors and sensing systems

This research theme spans sensor research and development to the functioning of entire sensing systems. This is an exciting realm of study that applications in a range of fascinating contexts, including biomedical diagnostics, defence and security, precision agriculture, food and water security and forensic science.


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