Military concerned about an Arab Spring in Thailand
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Military concerned about an Arab Spring in Thailand

The Bangkok Post:

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are ramping up efforts to boost cyber security, with one expert describing the security situation in Thailand as a “crisis”.

Maj Gen Bunjerd Tientongdee, a deputy director of the MoD’s department of Defence Information and Space Technology, said the increasing number of social media users was causing concern among cyber security experts.

Online social media analytics company ranks Thailand 14th in the world for number of Facebook users. There are now more than 17.6 million Facebook users in the country, according to the company, a rise of more than 3.3 million in the last six months.

Maj Gen Bunjerd referred to the role of social media in the Arab Spring uprisings last year, saying it was possible Thailand would follow a similar course if social media were used for political purposes.

He said the military was concerned that the widespread use of social media could lead to public misinformation.

BP: Well, in closed societies where traditional forms of the media are often heavily censored, the use of social media can enable people to talk about and disseminate information….

The Thai authorities have used the Computer Crimes Act to stop information from spreading on social media sites, but this just hinders people from finding the information because if you put some effort into searching for the information you can find it as those outside of Thailand are still able to write about certain subjects.* Hence, there is good reason for the military to be afraid about “misinformation”….

*Corrected this sentence.