SAE Institute
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SAE Institute

Australia’s leading sound engineering and digital video production institute has gone on to become a world-leader as well. With more than 53 campuses spread across 27 countries, SAE Institute has become the largest educational provider in multimedia, game design, audio engineering, 3D animation, digital film-making and music production.

For students in Asia considering a creative career in these fields or looking to boost competencies in a current profession, SAE Institute is a natural short-list candidate. The institute has a strong international presence, with campuses in Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok, Chennai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Bangalore and Yangon. And for students in search of a more fully Western atmosphere, the institute’s international headquarters in Australia is still in the neighborhood.

SAE nearly doubled its international representation when it acquired Qantm College in 2004. Qantm specializes in digital media – particularly in animation, games design, games programming, graphic design and international media. Given the college’s commitment to industry-focused education and its complementary course offerings, Qantm was an ideal addition to SAE’s quickly expanding international network, with its campus in Brisbane. The college has several other Australian campuses in addition to satellites in Singapore and several Middle and Eastern European cities.

This type of broad, international representation offers serious advantages. Students can easily transfer from one campus to the next if they would like to continue their studies in a different cultural context. By the same token, graduates can tap into an unparalleled network of alumni, university facilities and professional organizations around the world.


SAE Institute offers an array industry-focused courses in audio, film and electronic music. Across the board, training is hands-on, but foundational creative undercurrents run strong as well.  All of the institute’s degrees are accredited by the Australian government, with some also recognized through an agreement with Middlesex University in the UK. Non-accredited diplomas and certificates are also available, and many of SAE’s courses can also be taken online.


Pic: Students perform at the first graduation at SAE Amman.

These are the main areas of study at SAE Institute:

Audio Production

Audio production is an essential component to virtually any modern creative endeavour, and especially those in the entertainment industry. Graduates of the Audio Production Bachelor’s Program assume positions of leadership in sound engineering, dialogue editing, jingle production, band management and a range of other fields. Many also sign contracts as recording artists, or open up production studios of their own.

The full-time bachelor’s program takes two years to complete and is offered at several campuses in Australia. Students also have the option to exit halfway through the program with a Diploma of Audio Production.

Film Production

This line of study prepares students for the entire gamut of technical and creative elements related to filmmaking, and it emphasizes the skills needed to edit, direct and produce. Learning is hands-on, so graduates are fully prepared to tackle both the creative and technical aspects of their trade.

Those who graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production are eligible for virtually any filmmaking-related career, from screenwriting and camera operation to full-on production. As with audio production, the accelerated bachelor’s program can be completed in two years, or students can opt out at the halfway point with a diploma in hand.


Pic: Live sound class at SAE Institute.

Interactive Media

This is an exciting industry to be involved with. Interactive media was once largely under the jurisdiction of video game designers, but technological evolution and the advent of smart technology has widened the career opportunities for graduates of this field. Today’s interactive media specialists need to possess strong creative abilities along with the technical knowhow to implement them in an industry that is constantly being redefined by new technological innovations.

Students can earn a Diploma in International Media through SAE’s Byron Bay campus, or they can enroll for the same credentials through Qantm College’s Brisbane and Sydney campuses. Qantm also offers an online diploma program in this field.

Short courses

SAE’s short courses are tailor-made for creative professionals who need to update their skill set – an all-too-common situation in careers with a strong technical undercurrent. Those who have already established a career in the industry can advance their competencies through the institute’s non-accredited specialized courses.

Offerings vary fro one campus to the next. SAE’s Sydney campus offers courses in Logic – Music Production with Logic Pro 9, Native Instruments, Producing with Abletone Live 8, Pro Tools 9 and Music Theory 1 for Electronic Musicians. These courses are also well-suited for honing recreational skills.


Connect with SAE Institute through the school’s Facebook and Twitter pages or visit the YouTube channel for more.