Most-read articles of the week — November 25, 2012
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Most-read articles of the week — November 25, 2012

Top 10 in society.

1. Regular bus service in Daegu and Pohang was suspended on the 22nd as part of plans to install and test a nationwide emergency-response service.

2. Incheon was also making preparations for the system’s arrival.

3. And so was Gyeongsangnam-do.

4. A man accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated college student in Suwon after dragging her into his hotel room laughed at her family in court.

5. Another article on the bus emergency system.

6. A trainee prosecutor is accused of dropping charges against a middle-aged woman, accused of theft, in exchange for sexual favors.

7. A TV program about haunted houses in Korea.

8. A man in his 50s committed suicide after watching a presidential debate. He left behind a six-meter-long suicide note with advice for the candidates.

9. A group of over 30 police officers were forced to take their pants off in public to discover which of them had a cellphone.

10. International students at a graduate school in Seoul were able to receive  falsified chemistry degrees despite not having graduated and not even knowing what the chemical formulas H2O an CO2 stand for. The vast majority of them were Mongolian.