Most-read articles of the week — November 19, 2012
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Most-read articles of the week — November 19, 2012

Top 10 in society.

1. A look at a shuttered mental hospital near Gwangju, rumored to have been the site of horrific mistreatment of patients.

2. In another case of conflict between an elderly and a younger person being video’d, a “gangster grandmother” was filmed on Seoul’s line 1 scuffling with a woman who wouldn’t give up her seat.

3. An employee of a community credit cooperative is accused of embezzling some 1.8 billion won  from customers.

4. The driver of the car in the following picture was acquitted after arguing that the car had suddenly, uncontrollably accelerated:

5. A man alleges that when he went to the hospital for an endosopic procedure, the endoscope had been used just five minutes previously on the patient next to him.

6. Professor and author Jin Jung-gwon and Media Watch head Beon Hui-jae held a “Game of Death” debate over issues in the presidential campaigns, broadcast over the internet. Considering the heavy viewership there may be more debates.

7.  Another interview with a lottery winner, following up on a similar article from a few weeks ago.

8. Police arrested a 20-year old who dreamed of being a gangster. He is accused of car theft and assault.

9. An article about research on palm crabs, which… well, see for yourself:



10. Fishermen caught a 22-kilogram saw-edged perch.