Leeds University Business School
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Leeds University Business School

With one of the best MBA programmes in the world, Leeds University Business School is a leading institute for international students. In recent history, The Economist has ranked the Leeds MBA in the top 15 in Europe, while Financial Times has previously featured the business school on its global top-50 list. By any measure, Asian students scouting leading MBA programmes do well to dwell on Leeds.

One of the University of Leeds’ standout features is its international student induction programme. Leeds is a national leader in this department, boasting one of the largest international offices of any university in the UK. As such, the campus welcomes more than 5,000 international students from a spread of 130 countries each year.

Leeds is the fourth-largest city in the UK, and outside of London, this is the leading hub for financial services in the UK. Based in the heartland of the UK, this thriving business hub is home to many multinational companies, representing retail, logistics, food and beverage and a range of other sectors.

The Leeds MBA

In 2013, Leeds will be rolling out the next-generation MBA programme, designed to boost graduate employability and competency in an increasingly competitive global market. For students across Asia and abroad, this MBA challenges the fundamentals of how professionals think and act in business. In short, it presents career-defining opportunities.

A major selling point of the Leeds MBA re-launch is a greater emphasis on live challenges through which students are able to test their mettle and put strategies they have learned to the test. Immediate, constructive feedback is built in to the programme, such that students can work on their leadership approach in a safe environment. This finds them primed and ready for leadership upon graduation.


Pic: Clarence Dock Leeds.

This is a general MBA programme, though it includes the potential for specialisation tracks in finance, marketing and international business. Above all, the new generation Leeds MBA is better integrated than ever before. Each component and module flows from the previous one, building competencies, expanding knowledge and honing leadership potential along the way.

Academic journey

The Leeds MBA takes one year to complete, and includes several modules that come together to produce a holistic educational experience. In the process, students lay the foundations, work through real-world challenges and ultimately choose their own path – all with a global perspective in mind.


Pic: Leeds Town Hall at night.

These are some of the hallmarks of the Leeds MBA:

MBA fundaments

The MBA foundations begin with a week of getting to know your classmates and faculty members. Students also become acquainted with the key MBA subject areas, including strategy, marketing, finance and leadership.

Next is the Global Challenges and Responsible Management module, considered a cornerstone of the Leeds MBA. This module is essential for modern professionals, and it covers everything from global politics to the ongoing financial crisis. Students learn how to identify enterprise opportunities in a global community concerned with sustainable practices and climate change.

Live challenges

The live challenges set Leeds apart from other business schools. Students work in groups with real organisations as consultants. Working through these challenges stretches students’ thinking, tests their problem-solving abilities and helps them achieve more. There are four challenges in all: the New Venture Challenge, Leadership Challenge, Consulting Challenge and Boardroom Challenge.

Pathways and option modules

All Leeds MBA students have the option to elect one of five specialised pathways. These are intended to tailor the learning experience to best suit individual students’ goals. The main pathways are Finance, Strategic Human Resource Management, International Business and Strategy and Leadership. Students can also customise their experience by taking three modules in a specialist area.


Pic: Leeds city square.

Summer project

Potentially the most rewarding aspect of the Leeds MBA programme, the summer project involves working with a real-world organisation on live management issues. The student determines the project route, choosing from a consultancy project, an internship, a research dissertation or an entrepreneurial project for a new business venture.

Global professional

The entire MBA programme is international by nature, given the international enrolment numbers. But students also leave campus to broaden their international horizons through study tours or international summer school. These connect students to business schools around the world and provide fantastic networking opportunities. Partner schools are found in India, China and Hong Kong, along with countries in Africa, Europe and South America.

Personal and professional development

This module combines career development, business awareness and networking skills development, linking these into the module’s core programming. This development-based module is particularly relevant to the live challenges.


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