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France’s Institut des hautes études économiques et commerciales (INSEEC) sits at the helm of a truly global network of business schools. It offers MBA programs and master’s programs in business and management through campuses in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Monacao, London and Chicago.

Studying with INSEEC is a savvy move on behalf of Asian business students. Internationally recognized credentials combine with networks into nearly 30 French-speaking countries around the world to produce a dynamic, truly global degree. With more than 110 million native French speakers around the world and another 190 million second-language speakers, a degree from a top French business school builds serious career clout.

INSEEC’s network is vast. More than 12,000 students are currently enrolled across all campuses, and these students are backed by 35,000 alumni and a network of 10,000 international partner companies. Graduate with an MBA or Master’s in Business or Management from INSEEC, and you’ll be primed for employment all over the world.


INSEEC offers a wide range of Master programs that cover all of the main business management functions (finance, marketing, human resources, etc.) Students can also earn a master’s degree in specific sector of business, such as Food and Wine, Sports, Luxury, Media or Hospitality.

Master in International Business Management

This program is designed to train business executive well-suited for complex, multilingual and multicultural environments. The program aims to help students develop an intimate understanding of the foreign market environment as well as the techniques of international businesses.

The focus is on the analysis of specific markets – including those of America, Europe, Africa, China and Japan. Students learn how to manage and trade in an international environment. In this respect, the focus is on navigating politics, finances, culture and the law, without losing sight of the fundamentals of business.

These are essential considerations in today’s globalized economy. Students are instructed through in-depth case studies designed to develop business field knowledge. Graduates go on to work in import and export, trade research and a range of other international business fields.

Master in Finance

The Master in Finance degree equips students with the tools needed to tackle practical issues in the financial management of a business. Plenty of attention is given to theory, but the main emphasis of this program is on financial analysis. Case studies and classroom discussion are central components.

Graduates take on careers as financial consultants and CFOs, while others have broader entrepreneurial aspirations. Many students are seeking a promotion in their current industry or an outright industry change.


Pic: INSEEC students.

Master in International Finance Markets

The International Financial Markets master’s program embraces modern financial analytical tools. Students earn key qualifications to prepare them for a dynamic career in modern finance. This program centers on markets in Monaco and includes a study tour of this international finance hub.

With a Master’s Degree in International Finance Markets, graduates are prepared to assume careers in sell-side and buy-side financial analysis, alternative investment analysis, mergers and acquisition consultancy, capital investment and hedge fund management, among other fields.

Master in Global Communication

This is a broad-based degree that welcomes students from a range of backgrounds. Many students come from non-business backgrounds, such as language, literature or law. In short, this is an interdisciplinary degree that takes a wide-angle approach to business. This program is taught from the London campus, so English-language development is a particularly strong selling point.


Pic: INSEEC International University of Monaco, Monaco.

Master in Marketing Brand Management

Marketing is a burgeoning field around the world, and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Degree Management prepares students for international careers with advertising and media agencies. This is another of INSEEC’s programs offered from the London campus, where the potential for English-language development is particularly high.

Arts, culture and luxury

INSEEC also offers a few peripheral English-language master’s degrees in business. These target various industries and prepare students for very specific international careers. The following programs are on offer: Artistic and Cultural Activities Management, Wine Marketing and Management and Luxury Management (Food and Wine.)


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