Edinburgh Napier University, School of the Arts and Creative Industries
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Edinburgh Napier University, School of the Arts and Creative Industries

Students with a passion for the arts and creative industries routinely have to face down the stigma that a degree in their field does not easily translate into a career. Edinburgh Napier University exists in stark contrast to this sentiment. More than nine out of ten graduates of the School of the Arts and Creative Industries find employment within six months of completing their studies. That’s an impressive statistic for any discipline, especially in today’s tough economic climate.

Edinburgh Napier University’s competitive edge is rooted in the conviction that entrepreneurship is intrinsically tied up in the creative industries. With this in mind, the university operates an incubator that helps turn creative ideas into viable business models. Add close industry links and world-renown faculty to the equation, and it’s easy to see how a single university can be so successful on an international scale.

The School of Arts and Creative Industries has been in operation for more than 30 years, and its course offerings include design, acting, English, journalism, film and music. Postgraduate programmes allow for plenty of customisation and opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research.


The School of the Arts and Creative Industries is an international faculty, and especially so at the postgraduate level. Students are taught and mentored by expert faculty, many of whom come from a background of industry experience. Facilities are essential to any creative arts education, and Napier’s are state-of-the-art.

These are the main postgraduate courses offered through the School of the Arts and Creative Industries:

Art, design and communication

The Art, Design and Communication subject group hosts two postgraduate programmes. The first is Master of Science in Creative Advertising, which provides students with a chance to respond to real advertising briefs in a way that challenges their conceptual skills. In the process, they explore theories behind successful advertising campaigns and critique their own work. An agency placement provides valuable, real-world experience.

The second study track results in either a Master of Arts or Design and includes the following eight courses of specialisation: Design Arts, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Interior Architecture, Lighting Design, Product Design, Sustainability and Urbanism.


Pic: Project work at Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries.

Journalism and publishing

The postgraduate courses available through this subject group are industry-informed and career-oriented. They attract a diverse set of international students, and a global perspective is integral to the coursework. Taught postgraduate courses include Master of Arts programmes in Journalism, International Journalism for Media Professionals and Creative Writing. Master of Science programmes in Publishing (magazine or general) are also available. These courses have been ranked in the top-three in the UK in terms of employability.

Photography and Film

This subject area’s effectiveness is apparent through the accolades and awards that students and graduates receive. The department is the only Scottish institute to receive Skillset ‘Screen Academy’ status. Postgraduate offerings include Master of Arts programmes in Screen Project Development and Screenwriting as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Advanced Film Practice.


Pic: Edinburgh Napier University School of Arts and Creative Industries Studio.

Powerful Asia connections

Asian students are attracted to Edinburgh Napier University for many reasons beyond the school’s academic prowess and strong postgraduate employment figures. The university maintains strong ties to universities and organisations in Asia, paving East-West inroads.

Every year, a few students from the faculty travel to Zhengzhou University of Light Industry in China to spend three months studying. There is also an undergraduate course in the faculty that is taught jointly with Hong Kong University SPACE. Arrangements like these promise to proliferate in coming years, furthering the university’s international network.


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