Anglia Ruskin University – Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education
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Anglia Ruskin University – Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education

With more than 9,000 students, the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Anglia Ruskin University is the largest provider of health, social care and education courses in the East of England. The faculty’s course offerings are impressive, with a wide range of programmes spanning full- and part-time Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees on offer.

Research is central to the educational process as Anglia Ruskin University, and the faculty work hard to provide an energetic environment that addresses industry-spanning issues. In sectors as important as healthcare, social care and education, research carried out on university campuses has a profound and very real impact on the lives of everyday citizens, and this makes the experience all the more rewarding for international postgraduate students. They’re learning; they’re gaining marketable experience; and they’re making a difference in the process.

Researchers in the faculty work with local and national collaborators. The international network extends to include partners in the US, Canada, South Africa, Rwanda, Bulgaria and Israel. Anglia Ruskin faculty also have a strong reputation for developing research methods, introducing innovative techniques such as involving service users as researchers.

World-class facilities

There is plenty to set Anglia Ruskin University apart from the competition, not least the state of the art clinical skills laboratories, which simulate situations that healthcare providers will encounter in real life. The opportunity to get hands-on experience while earning postgraduate credentials is invaluable, and it ensures that the educational experience is informed by real-world challenges.

The facilities edge extends beyond laboratories and simulators. Students also praise Anglia Ruskin University for its accommodation and libraries. The faculty have set up an invaluable personal tutoring system, and international students enjoy access to free English-language tuition.


The Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education has an impressive roster of programmes on offer. Offerings are flexible, with plenty of room for customisation. These are a few of the internationally recognised programmes available through the faculty:

Public Health

This field takes several different aspects of healthcare into account, including trends in addiction, public safety, healthcare provision and other social issues. Priorities are rapidly evolving in these areas, and there is an increasing awareness that addressing the political, economic and social factors influencing public health require a broad, interdisciplinary approach.


Physiotherapists develop their knowledge and hone their practice skills through this course an atmosphere of creativity, research and innovation. The focus is on fostering creativity and innovation, with a heavy component of research underpinning the course. Anglia Ruskin aims to develop clinical leaders who can deliver the organisational changes necessary to improve people’s wellbeing.


Pic: Anglia Ruskin University.

International Nursing Studies

This programme is of particular interest to Asian students, as it provides UK master’s credentials in nursing with a focus on international practice. In the process, students learn to care for patients from different backgrounds, developing the skills needed to meet challenges in overseas healthcare environments.

Hospital Management

As developing economies continue to emerge in Asia, there is going to be an increasing need for health sector leaders and managers. Healthcare is a complex and dynamic field, and successful leaders are going to need a solid grounding in both management training and medical knowhow. Given the transformational nature of healthcare fields, today’s managers need to be flexible and innovative.

Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

This unique course draws on the talents of the foremost surgeons in the field and provides access to cutting edge training facilities. Students focus in one of the following four areas: urological, vascular, gynaecological or gastrointestinal. The award is a Magister Chirurgiae (MCh).


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