Yuen Kwan Chau reflects on her decision to attend Northern Michigan
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Yuen Kwan Chau reflects on her decision to attend Northern Michigan

Before I make a decision to attend Northern Michigan University, I did some search about the town and the background information of NMU. Marquette is a rural setting town, south of the Lake Superior which has amazing scenery and is full of rich, natural beauty. Marquette also has very low crime rate. I think that was very important for me to make my decision. NMU also provides small class sizes. Professors and instructors have more time to spend on each of the students. All of the professors who I had classes with were very helpful and encouraging to us. I am very glad that I had learned so much from them.



I think the biggest surprise about Marquette is definitely the winter season. I am from Hong Kong which is the south of China. Hong Kong is a tropical area. I was amazed by the winter in Marquette. I was surprised by the amount of snow we can get in a year. I like to go sledding, build snowmen or have a snowball fight with my friends. Winter is a super fun season in Marquette. I am excited and for the terrific winter. The winter in Marquette can be dangerous, fun and long. Winter is dangerous because of the snow is hard to drive on and walk on. I need to drive extremely careful and slow to make sure it is safe. But it’s fun is because I can play in the snow. I love snow, I can’t wait to go sledding and have more snowball fights. Since Marquette is in the north, winter last more than four months, usually from November to April.


Yuen Kwan Chau during a Marquette winter