The guests of the month
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The guests of the month

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The guests of the month
Le Cordon Bleu Paris had the pleasure to welcome four guests during the past month.

/> Christian Etienne

On September 13, a demonstration took place at Le Cordon Bleu with Chef Christian Etienne and his pastry Chef Franck Schweigheiser from the restaurant Christian Etienne in Avignon. Chef Christian Etienne is a passionate Chef who loves his native Provence and its local produce. His cuisine is full of natural simplicity and creativity. Christian Etienne has also written several books in English and French. Both Chefs were happy to share their passion for their craft with students and prepared the following recipes:
Red mullet fillet on a tomato concassée with aioli, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, mango brunoise with cilantro, milk mousse with garlic
/>Lamb fillet in a herb crust, skirt flaps with beefsteak tomatoes, risotto with tomato and saffron
/>Tomato and lime mousse, meringue with curry, tomato, strawberry and pineapple sorbet

* * * * * * * * * *
/>Ensan Wong

On September 26, students had the chance to enjoy an alumni demonstration. Born in Boston Massachussets with Chinese and Nicaraguan origins, Ensan Wong is a Grand Diplôme graduate from the class of 2010 at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. He completed an internship in pastry at Pierre Hermé and another in cuisine at the luxurious Le Meurice hotel, where he was also given the opportunity to be part of the food operations team. Ensan quickly worked his way through the ranks. He is currently Chef de Partie at the Restaurant Le Meurice, one of the most prestigious Parisian fine dining establishments. He works under head chef Yannick Alleno who has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2007. Ensan prepared for us:
Pork belly cooked sous-vide, Cassava root, tomato jelly with vegetable brunoise, parsley purée and jus
/>Vanilla Milkshake

* * * * * * * * * *
/>Joichi Saito

On September 27, Sous-Chef Joichi Saito, represented head Chef Gael Orieux from the Restaurant Auguste, one star Michelin. Originally from Japan, Chef Joichi produced dishes true to Chef Gael Orieux’s style; a cuisine that highlights the main ingredient in a progressive & sustainable philosophy. Chef Joichi shared his knowledge and passion for the culinary arts through signature dishes from the Restaurant Auguste:
Pan-fried duck foie gras, enoki mushrooms and pak choï, shrimp consommé with lemongrass and ginger
/>Scottish grouse in puff pastry, cabbage and duck foie gras, cep mushrooms with parsley, Whisky jus

* * * * * * * * * *
/>Philippe Lafargue

On October 2, Le Cordon Bleu welcomed Chef Philippe Lafargue, Owner-Chef of the restaurant Philippe in Biarritz. Chef Lafargue’s love for food comes from his father who himself was a Chef. He chose a different style for this guest demonstration; more of a lecture where the recipes demonstrated served to illustrate the information he considered important to share with students. The main objective was to explain the understanding of what “good cooking” means and outline the principal factors used in order to provide the best cuisine: product, technique and seasoning. Chef Philippe is also a consultant in the restaurant and catering sectors. He shared the following recipes:
Barley soup with saffron and cuttlefish
/>Autumn 2012 foie gras

During the Guest Chef demonstrations, professionals from prestigious French and international restaurants accept the invitation to share their skills and experiences with Le Cordon Bleu students. The sessions can be very informative, giving the broader picture of how things happen in the everyday routine of the culinary world as well as a chance to demonstrate varied styles and original recipes.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris has also set up a series of Alumni Demonstrations, for recent graduates keen to share the knowledge and culinary techniques learnt during their studies.

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The guests of the month