No rest for the creepy: Japan’s first co-sleeping specialty store
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No rest for the creepy: Japan’s first co-sleeping specialty store

Be it a lunch with a cute, ear-wax cleaning teenager at a Maid Cafe or a trip to a seven-storey high adult store, when you hear ‘Akihabara’, all manner of perverted stores come to mind.

But now the otaku epicenter of Tokyo has taken creepy to a whole new level.

Soine-Ya  (ソイネ屋 – literally ‘sleeping together shop’) claims to be the first store in Japan where customers can pay to sleep − and only sleep – with a pretty girl for as long as they’re willing to pay for.

The shop, which opened on September 20, says clients can ‘comfortably spend their time, slowly enjoying the warmth of another person beside them’.

But like all specialist stores, the menu at Soine-Ya isn’t cheap. Before any sleeping gets started, customers must pay 3000 yen (US$39) for membership charges. First time customers receive a discounted 40 minutes for 3000 yen, but it gets pretty pricey after that.

Customers can sleep with at Soine-Ya from 20 minutes (3000 yen) to 10 hours (50,000 yen US$640). There are also ‘options’ such as stroking the woman’s hair (1000 yen for 3 minutes) and staring into each other’s eyes (1000 yen for one minute).

Although the store’s website isn’t completed yet, customers will soon be able to see photos and profiles of the girls. Customers can pick their sleeping partners by their name, age, height and cup size, but this costs an extra 1000 yen plus 500 yen for each hour.

According to Kotaku East, the online reaction to Soine-Ya has been less enthusiastic than expected. Most online commentators are baffled that people would spend such large amounts of money and not receive any x-rated services in return.

On the flip side, Soine-Ya is also hiring girls. The job description on the website reads:

Job: Sleeping with others

Location: Akihabara (3 minutes from station)

Qualifications: Senior high school to 30s

Wage: 3500 yen/hour (US$45)

Hours: Weekdays 3pm – 10pm / Weekends/holidays 12pm – 10pm

If you’re getting paid almost $50 to sleep, maybe it’s not such a bad gig after all!