Most-read articles of the week — October 14, 2012
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Most-read articles of the week — October 14, 2012

Top 10 in society.

1. An 18-year old boy who had gotten in trouble for uploading a video of himself threatening to kill his mother wound up committing suicide.

2. With police and prosecutors tackling what appears to be a rising number of sex crimes against children, both want to crack down on child and teen pornography. This is raising fears that, with the law lacking clear standards, nearly everyone in the country could be convictable, as one college student was nearly arrested for downloading photos of adult women in high school uniforms.

3. A look at the upheaval in college rankings, with Seoul National University falling to fourth place, from third place last year. KAIST retained the top spot.

4. Seoul mayor Park Won-su supported PSY’s attempt to hold a free concert, leading to a flood of criticism that the concert will cause traffic problems and so on, and that the city has denied such permissions to other musical groups.

5. A look at baseball-ticket scalpers.

6. A 26-year old Chinese was arrested and accused of murdering someone sitting next to him in a restaurant, supposedly for staring at him.

7. Singer Tablo is suing the operators of an internet site which accuses him of fabricating his school records.

8. OhMyNews, working with some progressive groups, is running a series on the difficulties of renting in Seoul.

9. Seoul city employees who wanted to become regular, rather than contract, workers are saying they were asked for bribes that included sexual favors.

1o. Recently some people have been ingesting “human-flesh capsules” (인육캡슐) from China in the belief that they are good for stamina (likely in bed). Tests show that many of them are infected with hepatitis B.