Homicide rate in Thailand: Is violence on the rise since the 2006 coup? : Part 2
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Homicide rate in Thailand: Is violence on the rise since the 2006 coup? : Part 2

In response to the previous blog post on this Reuters article, someone* from Reuters has been in contact with BP and has passed on the following graphic which accompanied the story:

Source: Reuters (normally wouldn’t include a large graphic and provide a link only, but can’t find the graphic even in the Reuters’ piece and in fairness to the author it is really needed to better explain the piece so have included above).

In addition, the e-mailer has passed on statistics from the Metropolitan Police Bureau on all recorded cases involving guns in the Bangkok metropolitan area:

·           ’55 (2012) – first 8 months            1,467
·           ’54 (2011)                                            1,246
·           ’53 (2010)                                            1,267
·           ’52 (2009)                                            1,182
·           ’51 (2008)                                            1,135
·           ’50 (2007)                                            1,064
·           ’49 (2006)                                            633

BP: In fairness to Amy Sawitta Lefevre, the author of the Reuters‘ piece, the above statistics supports her assertion in relation to gun violence since 2006. Hence, there is a statistics-based point which the piece raises although it is unfortunate the graphic doesn’t always accompany the article because without it and given likely restrictions on words, the piece lacks the statistics to back it up. Having said that, the overall homicide rate in Thailand has declined since 2006. BP views the declining homicide rate is a better judge of the level of violence since 2006 as cases involving guns can be something relatively minor. Criminal cases involving guns are on the rise, but homicides are down…

On a second issue, on deaths in the Phillipines the gunpolicy.org web site is down, but the Google cache for the Phillipines page is here and below are two screenshots:



BP: Need one point out that these figures are ridiculous and contradict each other? They differ from the UNODC figures on homicides – although they do cite the UNODC . More relevantly, what is the likelihood of annual gun homicides dropping from 7,708 to 64, but homicides dropping by only half over the same period? (UNODC figures show only a decline of less than 10%)…

*Just as was about to publish, BP realized it was unclear whether the e-mailer was OK with BP using their name so have left out for now. As can’t undo using their name will not name them until have e-mail confirmation (likely to have limited computer internet access for the next four days and don’t want to delay the post).