Dear Firstpost, what about rape?
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Dear Firstpost, what about rape?

Just woke out of my slumber and found that the world is a different place from where I left off. Apple is launching bugs, people are jumping from insane heights and most importantly Indian politicians turned scientists have come up with new reasons on why rape actually happens in India. Not quite a HowStuffWorks for rape but the reasons are, well, different. Here are some:

Top reasons for rape – Chowmein, short dresses, eloping, ‘fraternisation between sexes‘, women working after 8PM and the list goes on.

On all occasions, the blame is fairly and squarely on the wrong sex. Rape is getting new attention from the media. Maybe because of the startling new statistic: A woman is raped every 22 minutes in India. Only 1 in 4 men accused of the crime is convicted.

Rape is an ongoing debate. There is no denying that. It should probably get more coverage than it actually gets. But wrong coverage isn’t what we want. Firstpost, an online publisher, has done just that. Out of the blue it has pulled Arvind Kejriwal into this rape debate with a post titled : “Dear Arvind Kejriwal, what about rape?“. Now you know where the title for this post is coming from.

Arvind Kejriwal is the crusader who is fighting against corruption in India. After fighting together with Anna Hazare, Mr. Kejriwal took a detour (from the movement’s origins, not from the mission) and will soon be forming a political party. On the way he has gone against the dynasty (Kejriwal has put a new spotlight on the assets of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law), which no one has ever done successfully. All in all a movement worth tracking.

I have but few questions for Firstpost.

  • Why is Firstpost piling up on Kejriwal?
  • Why isn’t Firstpost writing a letter to the PM or Sonia Gandhi for that matter?
  • Most importantly why isn’t Firstpost covering rape as often as it should?

I have done a quick google search with these queries :




The results are astonishing. 421,000 results turned up for rape; 19,000,000 results turned up for Kejriwal; 24, 300,000 results turned up for Sonia Gandhi.

As it turns, Firstpost doesn’t pay much attention to rape as much as it does to Kejriwal or Sonia Gandhi.

So I am asking again : Dear Firstpost, what about rape? #JustSaying

PS: A slightly modified but more accurate version of the Google search query has yielded similar results. Queries uses : intitle:rape, intitle:sonia gandhi, intitle:arvind kejriwal

PPS: Chowmein was trending on Twitter at the time of writing this post. The tweets are really interesting.