Chinese fisherman dies resisting arrest by SKorea
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Chinese fisherman dies resisting arrest by SKorea

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The South Korean coast guard fatally shot a Chinese fisherman with a rubber bullet while trying to arrest him for alleged illegal fishing.

The fisherman used a knife to stave off officers before being shot by an officer Tuesday, South Korea’s coast guard said. It says he died later in a hospital in the coastal city of Mokpo.

China’s Xinhua News Agency said the Chinese Embassy in Seoul lodged a protest and expressed “strong dissatisfaction” to South Korea over the death.

The Chinese Embassy called on Seoul to investigate the case and “protect the legal rights of Chinese fishermen,” Xinhua said.

Chinese fishermen have been going farther afield to feed growing domestic demand for seafood. South Korea has seized hundreds of Chinese ships over the years for illegal fishing in the Yellow Sea.

In April, a South Korean court gave a Chinese fisherman a 30-year prison term for fatally stabbing a coast guard officer. Another Chinese fisherman reportedly died in 2010 after his boat collided with a coast guard ship.