ASTV Manager “love” for the Democrats….
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ASTV Manager “love” for the Democrats….

From the front cover of ASTV Manager Weekly, October 6-12 is a picture of a cockroach and below it is a picture of the Bangkok Governor from the Democrat Party, Sukhumbhand Paripatra:

The ASTV Manager article in question doesn’t talk about a problem of cockroaches in the tunnels so it is a clear reference to the Democrats, who some critics have  called the cockroach party (see Giles’ piece). The cockroach reference becomes clearer when you look at it in conjunction with another ASTV Manager article which refers to the pro-Democrat TV as Cockroach TV, but then an article is different from the cover of a weekly magazine which is on display at bookstores (was very striking when BP saw it!): The graphic for the TV story is below:


NOTE: The sky blue color is the Democrat color….

BP: Am not a frequent reader of ASTV Manager news articles, but it is clear from articles that BP has read there is little love for the Democrats over in PAD-land. This was clear already before the last election, but with a new common enemy in government, BP thought we would see a softening of this stance. We almost saw this during the constitutional amendment protests, but then again, with the Democrats forming their own street protest movement, they have weakened the PAD. The Democrats also having their own TV channel has weakened ASTV (as ASTV was once a major source of news during pro-Thaksin governments for many Democrat supporters).