University for the Creative Arts
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University for the Creative Arts

Though formed in the 21st century, the University for the Creative Arts traces its lineage back 150 years through its founding colleges. Today, the university is spread across five campuses and operates state-of-the-art studios and facilities in which students can develop skills and put academic insight to work.

The world owes the UCA a significant creative debt. In the few years since its 2005 launch, this institute has produced Oscar-winning filmmakers, celebrity fashion designers and Turner Prize nominees. No doubt, even more and greater achievements will follow students enrolling now and the near future.


Pic: UCA graduation.

Part of what sets UCA apart from the competition is its facilities. Each program and department has its own suite of modern studios, workshops and other technical facilities, ranging from photography darkrooms to high-end computer design laboratories. In the course academic pursuits at UCA, you’ll graduate with an intimate understanding of the latest technological tools and approaches being put to work in your discipline.

Many of these programs also offer pre-degree courses and highly relevant research opportunities. In addition to its creative arts offerings, UCA also offers coursework in Journalism.

Furthermore, international students can also take advantage of pathway courses, which are designed to assist those who are still building English language proficiency. Pathway courses designed to fill out portfolios, improve practical skills and meet academic prerequisites are also on offer.

The following is a list of the main programs at study at the University of Creative Arts:

UCA offers Bachelor and Master of Arts programs in Animation; Arts and Media; and CG Arts and Animation.

Architecture and Interior Design
Students learn the design, technical and conceptual skills needed to specialize in architecture or design, with a multidisciplinary approach and the backing of state-of-the-art 3D software.

UCA operates world-class facilities for craft design and production, including the world-renowned Crafts Study Centre on the Farnham campus.

Fashion and Textiles
This is a fast-moving sector, and UCA equips students with the tools and skills necessary to excel in the global fashion industry.

Students work with a range of film formats, including multi-camera shooting, lighting, sound and image editing, special effects, scriptwriting and directing.


Pic: UCA short films.

Fine Art
A degree in Fine Art from UCA is interdisciplinary by nature. Students branch out throughout the faculty, building specializations in animation, printmaking, video, photography or painting, just to name a few possibilities.

Graphics and Illustration
This program marries contemporary and traditional graphic production techniques. This is a highly diverse degree, and graduates go on to work in fields ranging from art direction to copywriting.

Marketing and Management
Courses in this program are designed to develop creative approaching to advertising, product promotion, marketing and management. Industry placements enhance the experience.

Media and Digital
Students work with moving and still images and sound production, with the possibility of branching into performance.

UCA’s Photography program has a standout record and has generated many world-renowned and award-winning photographers.

Three Dimensional and Product Design
In this program, work with a range of media in world-class studios and facilities. Areas of specialization include jewelry design, product design and design for theatre.

Life at UCA
With five different campuses in operation, student experiences vary based on what and where they are studying. That said, each campus offers ample student facilities and is well-positioned in regards to dining, shopping and entertainment. Given the creative arts atmosphere that these campuses engender, UCA campus towns are well-outfitted with art house cinemas, galleries, studios and annual arts festivals.

There are about 7,000 students enrolled across all campuses, fueling a healthy nightlife and entertainment scene. The following is a quick overview of the each campus’ entertainment options:

Canterbury: is big on live music at venues such as The Farmhouse and Chill nightclub.

Epsom: has an eclectic mix of cocktail bars and clubs; the nearby Kingston upon Thames fills out the offerings.

Farnham: is well-known brewery hub, boasting more than 50 pubs.

Maidstone: hosts several pubs and well over a dozen places to listen to live music, party and dance.

Rochester: High Street pulsates draws crowds from around the region on weekends thanks, in part, to clubs such as The Casino Rooms, Medway and the Tap ‘n’ Tin.


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